Chad Judice


Chad Judice has earned certificates in Theology, Philosophy, and Apologetics after completing courses from the New St. Thomas Institute run by Dr. Taylor Marshall.


He is an able Catholic Apologist and instructor of Systematic Theology, Christology, and early Church History. Chad leads Bible studies and is a Certified Catechist in the Diocese of Lafayette. See his diverse range of audiences and speaking topics below:


Groups Chad Speaks To:


Men's Conferences


Parish Missions

RCIA Preparation

Catholic Conferences

Pro - Life Conferences

Women's Conferences

Marian Conferences

Respect Life Events (Pregnancy Crisis Center Banquets)

College /University Campus Talks

Young Adult Groups

Theology on Tap

RCIA Talks

College Retreats

Young Adult Conferences

Sports & Motivational Talks

Teens/High School

Youth Group

Confirmation Retreat

CCD - Sacramental Preparation

Youth Rally

High School Retreats

Youth Conferences

Chad speaks effectively on a number of topics:

Pro-Life / Sanctity of Human Life - Waiting for Eli: A Father's Journey from Fear to Faith


A husband and father chronicles his spiritual journey from fear of one’s personal limitations to self-abandonment to the divine mercy of God’s providence. The story of his spiritual progression, as he prepares for the birth of his son Eli, functions  as a profound testimony to the Gospel of Life and to the underlying truth that faith is perfected through trial and suffering. The speaker takes the universal pro-life message of the sanctity of human life and uses it to illustrate how the life of one child can sanctify the lives of the community of believers who witness to the power of prayer.

Support of persons with disabilities: Blessings Not Burdens: Eli's Reach


Often in life the weak are used to lead the strong. Special needs children are instruments used by God to make His work in the lives of others visible to them. A father shares the immeasurable impact his son's imperfections have had on teenage and married couples in troubled pregnancies, infertile couples longing for a child, incarcerated prisoners, and an unexpected medical emergency on Easter Weekend 2011 that led to a bona-fide miracle saving Eli's life that could lead to the canonization of a saint in the Catholic Church.

Theology of the Body & Natural Family Planning


One year after the birth of a special needs child a father's prayer became a simple one. "Lord, strengthen my marriage." A chance encounter with another man in his daily chapel visit that closely resembled that of the young rich man and Jesus in St. Mark's gospel led to an unexpected turn of events. (Mark 10:17-22). Inspired by Jesus challenge to abandon all obstacles in their path as a couple to be completely unified in their covenant bond this couple discovered the best kept secret in the Catholic Church, Natural Family Planning. A discovery that changed their contractual agreement into a Sacrament.


Marriage and Family


A husband and father lifts the veil on the secular culture in its attempts to define manhood on some of the most hot button social issues facing Catholics today. Artificial contraceptives, chastity, and the realization of needing a Savior to save us from ourselves. The journey to self knowledge in recognition of human brokenness illustrates the objective truth of the Catholic Faith and how it provides the solution to the longing of our human nature for fulfillment.

Mary the Mother of God: The Rosary is a gateway to the Heart of Christ


All of Chad Judice's friends growing up called him a Momma's boy. He would totally agree and illustrates how he still is today, only today he would use that term to describe the relationship every child of God should have with their spiritual mother.


This presentation shows how his paternal mother's relationship with his wife served as a great analogy to the relationship we have as members of the Church,  the bride of Christ. Mary our spiritual mother in law opens our eyes to the depths of the life of her son Jesus and the endless mercy of His most Sacred Heart.

Recent Nods of Approval for Chad's Presentations:

"Mr. Judice spoke recently at our annual South Carolina Catholic Men’s and Women’s Conference.  Wow!  He was outstanding.  His story is a powerful and moving witness of faith and courage.  The story was well received and climaxed at close with a combination of a standing ovation and tears. Expecting this to be just another pro-life story, I was blown away with how it encompassed a Catechesis of the Catholic faith while leaving attendants with a new found inspiration and conviction to become who God created them to be." - Tom Monahon, South Carolina Catholic Men’s Director, South Carolina State Council Knights of Columbus

"Chad Judice recently spoke at our annual Weekend for Life in Little Rock, Arkansas.  His message resonated with everyone in attendance and related in a real life way the benefit of prayer it's key role in recognizing God’s presence in our individual lives. His witness from begginig to end both grabbed and held the attention of our youthful audience who were noticeably touched and eagerly sought him out afterward for more of what he was offering. I would recommend Chad Judice for any audience.  He is energetic, sincere and a dynamic speaker." - Liz Tingquist, Youth and Campus Ministry, Diocese of Little Rock